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δαχτυλήθρες καθαρισμού

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  • Silk Cocoon Cleansing

    Silk proteins for eternal youth. Today's cocoon is not only a thread, it is also famous for its use on cosmetics. 
    In cosmetic market there are silk proteins products, beauty masks from silk, cleansing silk cocoons, silk peeling gloves.
    The world's largest cosmetics companies use silk as the basis for their cosmetics.
    The silk cocoon consist from a secret protein, called sericin, which retains the elasticity and youthful texture in human skin.
    This ingredient is used in some of the most expensive cosmetics.
    Indeed, the beneficial property of sericin was discovered by chance.
    Someone noticed that the silk workers who worked in the retreat had many youthful faces, and that was due to the serricin, which was steamed by the hot water.
    The microbes that have the cocoon of the silkworm enter the pores of the skin and easily remove the sebum and the black spots from it.
    So we get the best peeling in the most cost-effective way. Forget chemical peels! There is no better facial cleansing than that of the cocoon.
    Only with water and the help of silk! Natural, ecological cleaning of your face in the simplest way.
    At the same time, it helps in the proper perfusion of the face, in its cleaning (the results will be seen at the end on the cocoon and you will understand it!)
    And in tightening and stimulating it by enhancing its elasticity. Do not forget the silicone that keeps the cocoon walls firmly, that's what keeps your skin secret!
    At the end you will see a clear difference in your face!
    Soft and smooth like silk!
    Face shields for natural cleansing The thimbles are the cocoon of the silkworm. 
    100% Natural product Puggy with 6 pairs, 12 thimbles, puggy may have a different color 
    After bathing, we put 2 thimbles on our fingers, wet them and put them on the face.
    We massage the entire area of ​​the face and insist on the T of the face where we have black spots.
    You will notice that they soften with use and can be tanned by the dirt they will make out of the face.
    It is physically cleaned and used only with water.
    The face will blush naturally as you bloom and rejuvenate.
    We do not use it on irritated skin or acne skin.
    The thimbles are exfoliating and are ideal for application before creams.
    We recommend use every 15 days
    Instructions for use are listed inside and outside the package
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