Soufli, The City Of Silk

In the centre of the Prefecture of Evros, 65km from the city of Alexandroupolis, by the river Evros, lies the town of Soufli. The town, with 7,500 inhabitants, is built on the slopes of the hill of Saint Elias, and it constitutes one of the main sights of the region of Thraki. The exact date of the establishment of Soufli is lost in the era of Byzantine greatness. Over the centuries, it has always maintained its pure Greek identity. “Little Greece”, as it was known event to its occasional conquerors.

Towards the end of the 19th century, sericulture became the main occupation for the residents of the area, and Soufli became the centre of processing and distribution of the products. During this time, in the worthy hands of the local women and on the looms that almost every house was equipped with, silk was the main material for the clothing of the family and for the decoration of the homestead. In the middle of the 20th century, the silk textiles of Soufli were exported around the world and they became renowned for their quality and artistry. To this day, and despite the use of synthetic fibres, the “city of silk”, as Soufli is now known, continues to be the centre of Thracian tradition, while the handicrafts of the residents are used to decorate many spaces and they also make excellent and original gifts.